Thursday, January 26, 2012

RECREATION HQ - ESA and Clean Water Act Impacts in Planning Rule

The Recreation HQ wants to join other recreation and multiple-use groups in response to today’s release of the Forest Service Planning Rule.

BRC Update on Planning Rule Release

AP Article/Blog on Planning Rule Release

While BRC and other multiple-use interests review this document, HQ is concerned about how OHV recreation and recreation in general will be prioritized.

HQ Blog About Planning Rule Discussion in 2011

BRC’s 2010 Comment Letter on the Planning Rule

HQ is also concerned about how the Planning Rule implements trail-related aspects of the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act particularly within 100 ft. of a stream course. As some of you know, “recreation” was not even a topic of discussion during the early and mid segments of new planning rule.

Stay tuned and engaged as this most certainly could have long-term negative impacts (intended or unintended) on motorized recreation.

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