Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Recreation HQ is issuing an Action Alert regarding the proposal by Yolo County to abandon Road 40. This is a popular motorized access route for dual-sport/adventure riders and 4WDers to access the Knoxville OHV Area from Yolo County. It also provides motorized access for public land non-motorized activities such as camping and hiking at Buck Island, Blue Ridge South, and Fiske Creek.

Yolo County is proposing to abandon Road 40 based on a request from the Homestake Mining Company. Over the years, HQ has received a number of emails from adventure riders who enjoy this route. The public comment period ends January 25, 2012.

Please send your commentS to:

Stephanie Cormier
Yolo County Planning Department
292 W. Beamer Street
Woodland, CA 95695
Email: Stephanie.cormier@yolocounty.org

Here is BRC’s Jan. 17, 2012 Comment Letter on Road 40

Tuleyome, a conservation organization, has also weighed in with a support letter asking Yolo County to keep Road 40 open for both motorized and non-motorized users.

Thanks for your attention to this access matter in Yolo County.

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