Monday, January 16, 2012

HQ Book Review - Energy and Freedom

On occasion, HQ reviews a book that may help recreationists understand the complex world of the Green Conflict Industrial Complex (GCIC). GCIC consists of a collaborative process by which extreme environmental groups work with their counterparts in academia, government agencies, media, courts, and elected office to impose their vision (or nightmare) of how you should live.

Many trail users new to the fight don’t have the time to wade through the many exhaustive literary monuments written on this subject. Lucky for us that noted author and speaker, Marita Noon, has taken the time to pen an easy to read and understand book.  Marita takes the reader on a 2-hour journey on how the common thread of “energy control” runs through every issue from the price of fuel to the Northern Spotted Owl.

Her book, Energy Freedom, is a must read for those who are engaged (regardless of your experience) in the current land-use debate. Off-roaders, government agency staff, elected officials, outdoor interests, and even environmentalists will gain insight by spending time with this book.

HQ considers Marita a friend and fellow champion in the fight against GCIC and encourages you to pick up her book and get a good dose of “Energy and Freedom.”

Energy and Freedom at

For those of you who want to understand the challenges of being an effective land-use professional, I encourage you to read NIMBY Wars as well.

HQ Blog/Review on NIMBY Wars

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