Monday, February 6, 2012

OHV, IMBA, and Enviros Ask County to Keep Road 40 Open

In my travels to other parts of the country, I often get kidded about living in California (people think it is a strange place). Actually, I am proud to be a native Californian who was born and raised up in Humboldt County.

There are not too many areas (or issues) in this country where I have seen environmental groups, conservation organizations, mtn. bike, and OHV interests come together to petition a local government to keep a road open for vehicle access.

Yet, that is just what happened recently in Yolo County regarding the proposed abandonment of Road 40 (aka Rayhouse Road). Several weeks ago, HQ issued an alert on that subject which included a letter from BRC to Yolo County.

Jan. 17 Alert with BRC Letter

According to the local conservation group, Tuleyome, the county staff is recommending to the county planning commission that Road 40 remains open for public use. HQ believes that decision was influenced by diverse interest groups (e.g. Tuleyome, Sierra Club, BRC, IMBA, Audubon Society, et al) coming together to champion continued access to public lands.

This issue will be heard by the planning commission on February 9.

Public Notice of Feb. 9 Meeting (see agenda item 6.2 for county staff report and comment letters)

HQ thanks all those who participated in this process.


  1. Thanks, Don, for helping out on this. Our coalition was successful, in that the Planning Commission unanimously rejected the abandonment of the public road, an also directed staff to work to create a task force between Yolo and Lake Counties (with other recreational users) to find funds to replace the bridge and maintain the road.

  2. When they were called today about locked gate on lake county side they were rude, saying its staying closed and they hung up. What is the current status? They mentioned how they own the road and they have their reasons. I thought this was America where public land was owned by the public, we simply pay them taxes to maintain it.

    1. Based on your letters, the county, BLM,and other interests are looking for ways to replace the bridge and restore access on Road 40.