Sunday, March 27, 2011

HQ WEEKEND UPDATE - Newspaper Highlights Raid on OHV Trust Fund

For the last several months, HQ has posted alerts, information, and narratives about government officials taking (some call it stealing) money from the user-pay/user-benefit CA OHV Trust Fund.

There have been hearings, letter writing campaigns, and other efforts to challenge the ongoing thefts from the OHV Trust Fund. There have also been a newspaper article or opinion piece or two on this subject but they have not clearly identified the OHV program as being completed user funded.

The goods news on the media front is that a local newspaper in the Lake Tahoe area got the story straight - for the most part -with interviews from the BRC, Tahoe Sierra OHV Club, and OHMVR Division.

March 27, 2011 Tahoe Daily Tribune

Anyway, HQ thanks all of you who made the effort to defend the OHV Trust Fund.

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  1. *HQ posted this for Ross

    The OHV community has only ourselves to blame. We leave too much money in the trust account and it's just too much of a temptation for politicians whose appetite for cash is insatiable. We need to help the OHV division by setting up a trust fund to acquire property when it is available and when the Division is finished with its due diligence they can buy it from our trust fund and we can repeat the process. This would allow us to acquire properties we could ride on and it would keep the trust fund from being such a tempting target.

    Ross H. Liberty, District 36# 315 F