Thursday, March 24, 2011

April 4 Deadline for Public Comments on 2010/2011 CA OHV Grants - Send Letter Today

The Recreation HQ wants to remind the OHV community about the rapidly approaching April 4 deadline for the public comment period on the 2010/2011 OHV grant cycle. HQ believes it is important for local users and clubs to weigh in with support letters, letters that offer a critique, or even letters of opposition if needed.

Info and Overview of the CA 2010/2011 Grants Cycle/Public Comment Period

Please take time to review the list of grant applicants (counties, FS, BLM, non-profits, etc) who have submitted grants and where the public has commented on them.

Review of Grant Applicants who have received public comments (they are highlighted)

The grant comment system is a bit complex and you have to read the instructions linked below to maneuver your way through the grant website to find a specific grant to comment on. The instructions are linked to below:

Important Instructions on how to access and review preliminary grant applications

You can try this link that I believe with take allow you to follow a number of steps and go directly to the list of preliminary grant applications – click on “grant program” drop down and then highlight “GCA-10” and then click on “Find” (it may not work and you have to go thru the above steps in the above links)

Don Amador, on behalf of BRC, has submitted comment letters (Six Rivers, Mendocino, Ukiah/Arcata BLM) today on several riding areas that it he is familiar with. Generally, national organizations do not write grant support letters for local units because it is better for users with site-specific knowledge to make those comments.

QWR may also be sending in some comments on specific grants.

HQ encourages you to take a few minutes and send in a comment letter. Please fwd this information to your rider network.

Thanks for your involvement.


  1. I know a lot of riders and clubs are angry about cost recovery and other closure programs... I am too! However, I urge you to look at the big picture and support those trail, restoration, and LE grants that are in sync with SB742. Lots of tough fights ahead, but please send in comments anyway for your local riding areas. Thanks, Don

  2. Yes, A agree with you. This is very important for local users and clubs to weigh in with support letters.

    Thank You

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