Friday, March 4, 2011

CA OHV Program Takes $10 Million Dollar Hit - The Fight Continues

The Recreation HQ wants to thank all of you who sent in letters, made phone calls, and attended meetings. As you know, there was an effort to gut the entire CA OHV Program. That reality could have closed SVRAs, shut down the Division, and ended the grants program.

Over the last 3 weeks, you let your legislators know that you did not want them to steal money from one of the very few successful user-pay/user-benefit programs in the state. You also asked them to put the “Trust” back in the OHV Trust Fund.

Based on the vote yesterday by the Budget Conference Committee... that group appears to have heard your voice. As some of you know, they voted to “shift” $10 million dollars out of the OHV Trust Fund ($5 million from the grants program and $5 million from the Division/Support program). We will have to see if "shift" means a loan or a take.

Based on the fact that we were looking at a complete annihilation of the OHV program, HQ feels this is somewhat of a victory. However, we need to be careful about calling it a victory because the war against the OHV program is far from over. We have yet to see if the Governor will actually sweep out $21 million dollars from the OHV reserve fund.

Also, other attacks against the program could occur between now and when the Governor signs this budget later this spring. I think it is interesting that we have not seen the “list” of proposed state park units that will be closed. My feeling is that state parks was waiting to see how much they could steal from us before posting that soon to be infamous list of park closures.

As it stands right now according to my best analysis… here is what the OHV program looks like for the 2010-2011 budget (remember the Gov. and legislature will have to fight over the 2011-2012 budget in a few months).

$27 million for the Division/Support Budget/SVRAs

$22 million for the Grants Program

HQ urges you to stand ready for the next fight. The ongoing battle to protect our OHV program will be of historic proportions this year. Your continued support and activism will be important.


  1. Thanks Don. As I see it, the public has been duped yet again. With the 90M stolen in 2008, and payment due back in the 2012-2013 Budget - AND the 22 million stolen in 2009, DUE in the 2011-2012 budget, the STATE has no funds to pay us back.
    The Peter/Paul principle is here, as the monies that have been taken from OUR TRUST FUND cannot be paid back by the state, because they WILL NOT make the cuts to GENERAL FUND paid programs, and continue to gut USER PAID SPECIAL FUNDS to keep things going. They have GUTTED Boating & waterways for example.
    IT IS TIME FOR THE BIGGEST LAWSUIT WE HAVE EVER FILED........But the question is, will the public contribute the funds needed for such a suit? Racers have been funding most of the land use actions in the past, and they are tapped out. Joe Six Pack rider MUST help.
    If ever Green/Red sticker bike kicked in a measly 5 bucks, that would give us 5 million for legal fees.
    Dave Pickett

  2. I agree with Dave. It's way past time for the average motor head out there to chip in on a law suit the gov will never forget. Wake up you sleepy OHVers. Please....Help out.
    Carl & Irene Atamanczyk

  3. We (OHV community) are large in numbers but small in political strength. We just can’t seem to get everyone to rally. Contrary to popular belief we are not rebels. We are not “boat rockers” by nature. you would think we are but we aren’t.

    The Sierra Club and Environmentalists hit us on one flank , while politicians and government hit us on our other flank. They meet to plot how to steal our funds and close our land. Meanwhile, when we meet (most OHV’ers & Me included) we talk about what a great ride we had last weekend and where we are going ride next week.

    The solution? I don’t know, but I am very thankful for folks like you who “walk the walk”

    Thanks for your work

    Tony Furia