Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Green Conflict Industry in High Gear

The “Green Conflict Industry” may be a new term to recent followers of The General’s blog. GCI has been around for a long time and it is no stranger to this land-use warrior.

In March, I wrote about GCI’s attack on the mountain bike community:

Later in March, I wrote a longer blog on other examples of how GCI attacks even responsible OHV use of public and private lands:

Recently, GCI has reared its ugly head in two places:

STOCKTON RECORD ARTICLE (Sept. 29) A lawsuit filed again Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (with a quote from Don Amador/BRC)

CBD Lawsuit Filed (Sept 9) to Close Eldorado NF OHV Routes

OHV/BRC has fought back and won on a number of previous cases including the original Clear Creek ESA-based lawsuit and Eldorado National Forest lawsuit. More battles are assured as GCI challenges to OHV recreation continue to mount.

Our task is to never give up and let GCI get us down. Gear-up is what we need to do.

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