Monday, September 21, 2009

NV OHV Program - A Blessing or a Curse?

Recounting the pros and cons of your marriage is how some riders view state OHV programs. On the good side, some off-roaders believe their state OHV program is the greatest thing since sliced bread since those efforts help support riding areas with monies for trail maintenance and construction. Sometimes OHV-related education, safety, and law enforcement are funded as well.
Photo: The General on FS Lands Near Reno, NV
On the bad side, some state OHV programs appear to be nothing more than a not so complex scheme devised by anti-OHV groups or other interests (and sometimes supported by well-meaning OHV groups) to control and subsequently reduce OHV recreation in that state.

After talking with a number of riders from Nevada, I think the jury is still out on the new Nevada OHV/DMV Registration Program.
NV Registration Program

New NV FS/BLM Trail Ethic Website

Will the NV OHV Program be a blessing or a curse? That question will have to be answered by the off-roaders who live in Nevada.

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  1. In California it is a curse. When the program was started in the 70's, they stated the money was going to buy us new riding areas. To date, little has been purchased. Most of the money has gone to constructing fences, hiring rangers with shiny new trucks. The CAL OHV fund granted the Hollister Field office that overseas Clear Creek 460,000 dollars last year for law enforcement. Any OHV program needs to have a provision that sets aside a percentage of the money that can only be used to purchase OHV land.