Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long Dirt-Bike Kids - Not If We Can Help It!!!

*Photo is of a "Dirt-Bike Kid" who came over to
an OHV sound check station to get tested... cool thing was he did this on his own.
An article “So Long, Dirt-Bike Kids” was published recently

I believe it shows the bias of the so-called “mainstream” media to
target activities that it/they deem unworthy. When I was young,
I was one of those dirt-bike kids. Also, so were my two sons.

My nieces and nephews were dirt-bike kids. My wife’s cousin has
dirt-bike and ATV kids. My nephew’s two sons are dirt-bike kids
too. A lot of this nation’s youth are dirt-bike kids.

I draw your attention to a Wall Street Journal editorial that notes how
dirt-bikes were “highlighted” by the NYT while it failed to mention
how the lead ban impacts everything from ball-point pens to comic books.

WSJ Article
Also, ck out article on impacts to dealers
DR Mag on the Issue

The General continues to ask the troops to keep sending letters in, make phone calls, and
never give up! Too much is at stake. (see blogs below for sample letter, etc.)

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