Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grassroots Push Back Against CPSC OHV Ban Continues to Grow

The nationwide grassroots effort appears to be growing as more
riders, shop owners, and parents (i.e. voters) are sending letters
to the CPSC and Congress demanding action to reverse what is
a functional ban on youth OHVs for use by children under the age
of 12.

I have not seen such pushback from the public on any issue since
the Clinton/Gore Roadless Plan in the late 1990s.

Continue the pressure – keep sending letters and schedule a meeting with your own Member of Congress. Take a local OHV dealer with you and ask your representative for help.

Below is a news article today from WND with quotes or info
from BRC and ARRA.

Here is an article from PA – CPSC hurts business (and kids)
Feb. 19 BRC Letter to CPSC
Motorcycle-USA Video Interview with MIC on Lead Issue

Keep up the good work!

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