Sunday, January 25, 2009

Save the California Conservation Corps - A Trail Partner

As a trail professional, I wanted to share my thoughts with you regarding the
proposal in the Governor’s Budget to eliminate the California Conservation Corps. (CCC or the Cs).

Even though some of my readers may not consider the Cs an important part of the OHV community, I have seen first hand the work the Cs have done on Forest Service (photo for today is me on a FS OHV trail maintained by the Cs) and BLM trails. I consider them a valued friend and force multiplier when partnered with congressional appropriated dollars, OHV grants, and other funding tools.

On behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition, I attended the rollout of Region 5/ Forest Service's “Trees and Trails” program in Dec. 2008. The agency's vision is to better protect and improve the health of our forests and to maintain their trails for the citizens of this state. I believe the Cs are an important key partner in accomplishing that goal.

Also, President Obama has said he supports “green jobs" and the Cs fit that bill. While folks debate the merits of his proposed funding of green jobs that don’t exist yet, I believe the Cs are just the type of current, practical, and cost-effective green jobs that Obama should be supporting.

I have already asked you to send in letters to the Governor asking him to not raid the OHV Trust Fund. Now, I would ask those of you who believe the Cs are an important trail partner to go to the Save-the-Cs website and send a letter supporting them.

Go to: and click on the “Take Action” Icon at the top of the page.

Thanks for your review of this recreation and forest health issue.

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    We need the CCC in Ca and the Nation.

    A former C's Mom

  2. Buffy,

    Thanks for the comment. Even though some folks have said the Cs cost too much when you add
    admin. costs to the $8/hr. wage, I think many FS and other agency staff feel that the Cs cost less and are a good value vs. hiring a pvt. contractor.

    Thanks for being a Cs mom.

    The General