Wednesday, July 3, 2013

North Coast Biology Scandal Update

As the Recreation HQ prepares to celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends, we wanted to give you a quick update regarding the Feb - 2012 arrest of Ron LeValley and other associates of Mad River Biologists for embezzlement of over $900,000 dollars.  HQ believes this scandal calls into question the quality of their  “science”  that was used by land management agencies on closure-oriented projects.

July 3, 2013 Times Standard Article on Mad River Biologist Scandal

HQ believes it is important to find out how much of their science was “dry-lab” vs. field-based research.    As a native of Humboldt County, I am concerned that a lot of the public land closures in the area based on LaValley’s “work” related to the Northern Spotted Owl, marbled murrelet, and snowy plover may have been unwarranted.

Link to Feb. 27, 2012 HQ Report on the Initial Arrest of LeValley and Crew

HQ believes it is scandals like this that creates more distrust of the “science” and research being used to effect the closure of motorized trails and other multiple-uses of public lands.  Closures based on bad science, corruption, and political agendas have no place in 21st Century land-use planning and management.


  1. As a retired professional wildlife biologist who has worked for the USDA Forest Service (Six Rivers NF OHV Coordinator/mgr. and US Dept Commerce NMFS NOAA marine biologist/marine mammal specialist, all I can say is that these kind of deals cast a large shadow on legitimate biological research and the fallout from this case will take decades to right itself. The entire North Coast biology community has lost face because of Le Valley and his crones and Mad River Biologists. Shame on them.

    Olde Scott

  2. .......Olde..........biologist conclusions on wildlife without the facts/science (fabrications/junk science) are just mere assertions. anybody remember the lynx hoax from a few years past? how many of these fouls are allowed before the public calls for a penalty?

  3. Bunk. All of it. I don't believe a "scientist" unless I see it first hand. That is how much damage environazi's have done! Where are all of the "true" scientists denouncing these whack nuts? No where! Now that the light is shining on the evil that it is, the eyes roll, and the obligatory " those bass-tards" gets thrown around with "we need to put this past us and move forward with REAL science!" Nah. I want to bring a quart of oil to Tahoe if you know what I mean. Defund all of them. Let "mother earth" rest from the wicked scientists for a while.

  4. Sounds like what I have been preaching for years.


  5. Follow the money trail and don't stop with one person. Check out all the grants to these people and find out how the system works. Is it political grant or real grants to real scientist?

    I feel sorry for the young person just getting out of college hoping that he or she can get a job as a scientist and do the right thing when their probably being hired by an organization tied up with the political scene. How many of you people reading this blog know what a lobbyist is or even know one for that matter, that's why I said follow the money trail.

    If you get a government grant to do your research in the future and do nothing but steal the money, make sure that you have a big time drug problem or at least make it look that way, that way you end up with the money and probably won't have to spend anytime in the can and your associates won't be prosecuted especially if they rat you out.

    The US Government is embarrassed by giving the grant money to this scientist and don't want this to go any further, they'll be no further prosecutions in the matter and your tax dollars are gone forever.