Friday, July 26, 2013

Early Report on QWR/BRC 2013 Summer Northcoast Redwood Access Tour

Del Norte County BOS Building
Although HQ is officially closed until Monday, we wanted to get a short story out for weekend readers who want to know how the 2013 Summer Northcoast Redwood Access Tour turned out.  In simple words, it was a huge success.  

NPS/State Park HQ in Orick
HQ will go into more details next week, but we attended a number of meetings and/or tours with county officials, users, and agency staff to discuss and review a wide range of state and federal OHV recreation-related issues.
The Land Use Battle Wagon at the Largest (or one of the largest flags) Flag in CA
"Wes Greene's Tractor Service in Arcata"
At the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors video link below (44:24 to 52:12) you will find BRC’s, Don Amador, giving public comment to the officials on the following subjects: noting board’s history of fighting for access, non-highway designations for county roads, asking FS to revisit 1999 project level NEPA decision to close 40 miles of routes in High Plateau, county RS2477 filing/request, restoring green-sticker vehicle access at Tolowa Dunes State Park,  potential for a county ATV park, ask county to review its standing/statute of limitations regarding the biology scandal involving Mad River Biologists, and listing the Last Chance Grade Bypass plan as an emergency.
Video Link (if you have trouble with Internet Explorer… try launching video in Google Chrome)
Popular OHV Route on Smith River NRA
Thanks to all who helped support this tour.  Watch for more tour-related stories in Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity counties.
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