Monday, July 15, 2013

Amador on Bike Week Radio Show - Topics: OHV grants, DS motorcycles, leadership at state parks, grant scandal, Imperial Dunes, 2014 midterms

HQ’s, Don Amador, had a radio interview yesterday with the gang at Bike Week Radio.  Scott Cox and the crew at the station started the show off with KTM’s Kurt Caselli who was followed by motorcycle legend, Peter Starr.


We talked about a lot of important issues during my “OHV” segment at the end of the show.  Topics covered  includes: OHV Grants being adjusted back to 31M, buying a dual-sport motorcycle (Factory plated vs. bikes that comply with 2003 DMV cutoff rules), new leadership at state parks and OHV division, 2012 state park scandal,  Imperial Sand Dunes reopening 50K acres and legal history of that fight,  and 2014 midterm elections.


Amador’s segment starts at 47:31 at the show’s archive link for the July 14 Show


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