Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CODE RED OR DUNES ALERT - Comment Letters Needed Today!

The Recreation HQ is issuing its first CODE RED Action Alert for 2013.  HQ is asking all riders and OHV businesses that depend on recreational access to the OR Dunes, to STOP what you are doing and take 2 minutes to send a comment letter to the Forest Service’s travel planning process at the OR Dunes. OHV dune enthusiasts from across the county (even Europe and Asia) make the OR Dunes a destination site to visit.  Active military often spend their entire leave with their families and friends at the dunes.

Between 1972 and 2011, the acreage available for open OHV use has been reduced from 28,000 acres down to just below 6,000 acres.  Just 20 percent of the NRA is available for legal OHV use today.  Over time, that number will dwindle to practically nothing if you don’t act now.

BRC is making it easy for you (and your network) to send in a comment letter which is due January 24, 2013.  Anti-access groups are flooding the agency with requests to close the dunes to OHV --- we must blunt that attack with our own counter-offensive.  HQ understands that the agency is counting each closure-oriented form email as one distinct letter.  We will demand the same treatment.

BRC Action Alert with link to Letter Generator – the generator will send letter to the Forest Service

OHV is not alone in our battle for access at the OR Dunes.  Coos County has joined us in the fight for responsible access for our families and passed a resolution in Dec.

Coos County Resolution in Support of OHV Recreation


Douglas and Lane Counties are also considering passing resolutions that favor responsible recreation and resource management at the dunes.

Again, please send in your comment letter today and ask your riding and business network to do the same.


The Recreation HQ





  1. Feel free to post a comment if you ride at the OR dunes and come from another state or country.

  2. I am a 67 year old retired guy, and I prefer to ride my old 175 Yamaha at the Oregon Dunes. I always obey the rules and stay on the designated trails. I'm sorry to see the closure of most of the 28,000 acres of the park just because the Forest Service does not have the manpower to operate it sucessfully. If the Forest Service does not have the manpower, they should develop a volunteer group to help manage it.

  3. We live in Reno and for eight consecutive summers our family has vacationed at the Oregon Dunes KOA. We stay for two weeks each trip. We come mainly for the dunes and to spend time at the beach, but we also go fishing, crabbing, shopping, hiking, and more. Our family looks forward to this trip all year and we have friends that come up from San Diego and camp with us during those two weeks. We make a point of not leaving anything behind in the dunes except tracks and have taught our kids to respect the dunes also. We budget approximately 4,000 dollars for each trip and spend most all of it, 32,000 dollars to date spent throughout your community. If anymore restrictions are applied, we most likely will find a new vacation spot that is ORV friendly and appreciates the business. We sincerely hope that it doesn't come to this, Or. Dunes is a beautiful and unique area that we throughly enjoy. The memories our kids have from these vacations will last them a life time. Restricting access, restricts memories for all who visit. The Lawlor Clan

  4. Hi there fellow Riders, We live in Abbotsford BC and for the last 11 years in a row, The Oregon Dunes has been our holiday destination. Sometimes 2-3 times per year. This is very much a family holiday tradition for us. There are usually 6-10 of us that go each trip. We all have our safety cards,,comply with the decible levels required and RESPECT the Dunes we ride on. This is truely one of the best places on earth ! We love the Oregon Dunes and enjoy the friendly people in the surrounding communities. It's a great place to spend your hard earned dollars ! Your Canadian friends will help in whatever way we can to keep these Dunes open to ORV family fun. Jason Wiles

  5. Thanks to all the Dune fans for weighing in with your support for continued access to the OR Dunes... please continue to send in comments to the Forest Service and also fwd to all your friends. We need to flood the agency inbox and/or mail box with comment letters about how important OHV recreation at the Dunes is to you and your family.

  6. Been going to the Oregon dunes sence the early 70s as a small child. I still go 5 or 6 times a year. My grand children love it. jerry Newcomb

  7. We love going to the dunes for vacation. We have been going for the last six years, we meet our friends from all over the place. I do not want to see more taken from us, we need some place for our children and their children to go make family traditions. I plead to keep the dunes open.