Friday, January 4, 2013

BREAKING NEWS - CA AG Says Scandal Money is OHV

The Recreation HQ wants to share this breaking news regarding the 54M in the CA State Park scandal that broke last summer.   The California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, just released the results of her investigation into State Park’s reporting and use of special funds.

The report appears to conclude that over 34M of those monies belong to the OHV Fund.   As many of you know, the legislature reconvened in August to address the scandal.  Yours truly and several other OHV leaders met with legislators in Sacramento and in their Districts to petition them to allow those funds to be used to restore the local assistance grants program to previous levels.  Before the scandal, the legislature had capped the grants program at 10M (compared to 21-26M in previous years).  HQ believes the legislature's new post-scandal bill allows for those monies to be potentially used to restore the grants program to previous funding levels and to lift the 10M cap.

SACBEE Article on AG Report


Link to AG Report

HQ believes the AG’s findings could benefit the upcoming grants cycle/program that helps fund OHV recreation-related management on FS, BLM, and county lands.  Stay tuned as the results of this report are analyzed for any potential impacts to current and future OHV funding needs.


Here is HQ Aug. 2012 Scandal Update

Happy New Year! -- And thanks to all of you who sent in letters to your legislator and Governor.  It did make a difference.



  1. Awesome! I love it when we get some good news.

    I'm waiting on the Tesla, OHV fund bought, land decision.

  2. Awesome work by all of the OHV leaders involved!