Friday, June 2, 2017

SB 249 Update - Death by a Thousand Lawsuits

 QUICK UPDATE ON SB 249 SENATE VOTE YESTERDAY – First, I want to thank all of you who took time – (on short notice) yesterday to contact your state senator.   Because of your efforts yesterday and past efforts on this subject, there was much stronger bi-partisan opposition to SB 249 than the bill’s author expected.  The final vote was Yes – 22, No – 15.  I believe the vote tally will help our fight in the assembly.

The OHV Coalition remains in strong opposition to SB 249.  I remain convinced that any SB 249-based OHV Program would actually kill the current program that has been acclaimed as a “National Model” for managed/sustainable OHV recreation.  It would open all OHV areas that receive grant funds (i.e. SVRAs, BLM, FS, County) to an endless parade of environmental lawsuits under the premise that the units are not in compliance with local and regional “conservation plans” from entities such as Resource Conservation Districts, East Bay Regional Parks, other agency and NGO conservation or resource plans.

SB 249 remains a kill-shot bill directed at all local, state, and federal OHV units.

The good news is that there are other hearings and as you know - this battle will now be fought in the assembly.

I expect the fight to continue through the end of August.  It’s going to be a long hot summer!


Don Amador
The Recreation HQ

PS - Death by a Thousand Lawsuits - Another takeaway from the hearing yesterday were the comments by Allen and/or another supporters about the numerous lawsuits against Carnegie SVRA with the subtle inference that “lawsuits” might be a good reason to severely restrict OHV use on a unit or maybe even close that unit (local, state or fed) to OHV and sell or transfer/transform it for non-motorized activities.


  1. Thanks Don. Please let us know who/what committee in the Assembly will be dealing with SB 249.

  2. Stay tuned for action updates as this fight continues in the assembly.

  3. Thanks Don, keep up the strong fight.

  4. SB-249 IS A BAD BILL, PURE AND SIMPLE. Every OHV'er in California needs to contact their Assembly representative and Senator, and tell them YOU do not support this bill. Do in now for your children and grand children.
    Pretty much EVERY OHV organization in the state OPPOSES this bill. If you are involved in the power sports industry, or just a company and want to be heard, send me your company logo and Name/Title and we will add you to the list of OPPOSITION papers on your behalf.
    Dave Pickett

  5. Thanks Don, we're ready to continue the fight against this terrible piece of legislation.

  6. Don- thanks for your continued support in fighting for the Powersports enthusiasts.
    Brandon Petersen

    1. Brandon, Thanks... be assured that I am 100% in on this issue. If there is a silver lining it is that SB 249 is so extreme that it is causing a fracture between various environmental groups in regards to those groups that want to find common ground with OHV vs. those eco-groups that want to destroy OHV. A very hot political summer indeed.