Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day Present to OHV - CA State Auditor Releases Park Scandal Report

The state auditor released its report today on the infamous state park scandal regarding the 54M dollar slush fund.   After doing an initial quick review of the 60 page report, HQ believes it shows that agenda-driven “sloppy accounting” had become institutionalized at State Parks and has existed for several decades and through many administrations.

Link to State Auditor Report

HQ believes that an ‘accounting subculture’ comprised of non-appointed 2nd and 3rd tier bureaucrats
had devised this scheme to create an internal slush fund for reasons not clearly identified in the 60-page report.

OHV recreationists owe a great deal of thanks for the work that OHV lobbyist Terry McHale did last year along with a number of OHV representatives.  The OHV program in 2013 is in much better shape because of those efforts.

Link to video and other info in last year’s scandal fight in Sac.

The only good news in this story is that Governor Brown has appointed General Anthony Jackson to bring accountability and transparency to Parks. 

QWR/Amador blog on the appointment of General Jackson

HQ believes that the final chapter on this issue has yet to be written.  Also, we want to thank all of you who sent in letters and made phone calls last year to the Governor’s Office – it did make a difference!

See you on the trail.



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