Tuesday, February 12, 2013

RAC Members Needed for OR Dunes/Siuslaw NF

The Siuslaw National Forest which oversees the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area recently announced they are reconvening (absent for many years) their Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).   Applications are due Feb. 28, 2013.

RAC Announcement including Application Form


According to a Forest News Release on Jan. 31, 2013, The Siuslaw Resource Advisory Committee consists of 15 members and three non-voting alternates representing a wide array of interest. Committee duties include reviewing proposed land management projects on, or adjacent to, the Siuslaw National Forest. The committee recommends funding up to $1 million of forest management projects and coordinates with land management agency and county officials.

Committee members serve upon appointment by the Secretary of Agriculture without compensation, but may be reimbursed for travel expenses. Members must be Oregon residents, preferably, but not necessarily, living in Yamhill, Tillamook, Lincoln, Benton, Lane, Douglas or Coos counties.

 Interim Forest Supervisor George Buckingham emphasized, “I am very interested and committed to ensuring members of the Siuslaw Resource Advisory Committee represent the diversity of our communities.”

The geographic boundary of the Siuslaw Resource Advisory Committee covers the entire Siuslaw National Forest.


The Recreation HQ believes the agency is being motivated to restart the RAC based on a large number of comment letters from various stakeholders (e.g. OHV groups, county govt., civic orgs, businesses, etc.) which cited the lack of outreach (and no RAC) by the Forest at the Oregon Dunes and elsewhere.
HQ  encourages civic minded leaders and advocates in the following categories to send in an application to serve on the RAC.

Category A: (five regular members and one replacement) who represent one or more of the following interests:

 Organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups
 Developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle, commercial recreation
 Energy and mineral development
 Commercial or recreational fishing
 Commercial timber industry
 Federal grazing permit holders or land use permit holders with the Resource Advisory Committee area.

Category B: (five regular members and one replacement) who represent on or more of the following interests):

 Nationally recognized environmental organizations
 Regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations
 Dispersed recreation
 Archaeological and historical interest
 National or regionally recognized wild horse or burro groups, wildlife or hunting organizations or watershed associations

Category C: (five regular members and one replacement) who represent one or more of the following interests):

 State-elected office holders
 County or local elected officials
 American Indian tribal representatives from tribes within or adjacent to Resource Advisory Committee areas
 School officials or teachers
 Citizens representing the affected public at large


We get the government we deserve and right now it is important for those of you in the affected area to get involved with good government.   Be part of the solution!

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