Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Enviros Extend Hand of Friendship to OHV?

In 2005, I wrote my “I Have a Dream” article about the time when various user and conservation groups might find a way to work together to manage public lands.
2005 I Have a Dream Article by Amador

After reading Peter Kareiva’s  New Environmentalism” article,  I feel that we may be a bit closer to that reality.  Kareiva is a chief scientist at The Nature Conservancy.

Peter Kareiva’s Essay on New Environmentalism

E&E News Article on Kareiva’s Essay – A long read but worth it

As somebody who worked in the timber industry back in the 1970s, I appreciated where – at the end of the article – Kareiva extended a literary hand of friendship to “loggers.”   Maybe one day, that hand will be extended to the OHV community as well.  In some places, I think it already has.

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  1. Yesterday Wildlands CPR and Save the Riders Dunes up here in Oregon met with the USFS to find ways to start working together to remove non-native plant species. Namely the european beachgrass, scotchbroom and shore pine. the Oregon Dunes are dying as the beachgrass is chocking out free flowing sand. All stake holders lose when there is no more sand. this was the first meeting and we are getting organized to work together now and more to follow.

  2. I am finding similarly freindly voices with some of our local enviros when it comes to OHV use.

  3. Not so fast. Many environmental groups disagree with Kareiva. For example, one of the most common litigators and appellants - Center for Biological Diversity -

    One step forward, two steps back?

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