Friday, May 13, 2011

70 State Park Units to Close in 2012?

Official Quiet Warrior Land Use Battle SUV

Today HQ reviewed the long-awaited list of 70 proposed state park units that are slated for closure in 2012 pending the outcome of the current budget battle. No SVRAs appear to be on the list. There are about 272 state park units, 8 of which are SVRAs.

Article with list of proposed closures

HQ has urged state park leadership to make state parks relevant to the public as a way to bolster visitation and enhance revenues. HQ believes that some non-motorized park units (i.e. Henry Coe in the S. Bay Area, etc.) would make a great addition to the 8 existing SVRAs. Closure does not have to be the only option.

So far it does not look like any SVRAs are on that list as of today. OHV leadership (including The General) will have to keep a sharp eye on the state budget battle, as things are sure to get real ugly over the summer.


  1. Wait for the May Revise. They'll get around to the OHV Division, it's just a matter of time. They're prosposing more cuts to elderly, disabled and children. Then there are the universities and community colleges. No one will be spared.

  2. May Revise comes out Monday May 16...

  3. May Revise comes out Monday the 16th...