Thursday, November 11, 2010

HQ Thanks Veterans

Don in a WW2 GI Foxhole Near Bastogne

On this Veteran’s Day, The Recreation HQ wants to personally thank Dave, Tom, Del, Patrick, Clarence, Jeremy, Gunny, Johnny, Little Dave, Clark, Dad (passed away in 1998), and all of my friends and family who have served in the military.

Your service inspires me and gives me the strength to aggressively defend your access rights to public lands. How screwed up would this world be if you bravely defended us overseas from foreign threats while your rights at home to use and enjoy trails and jeep roads were lost?

While I cannot compare the work I do to your service, be assured that I will continue to do my small part to preserve and protect the rights you have defended.

God Bless you and THANKS for your service!

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