Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shasta County Supervisors Weigh In on Shasta NF DEIS

So far in the travel management saga, I have received the most email and responses on this issue from users, retired FS employees (including recreation officers and regional foresters), and others who are extremely disappointed in the Shasta Trinity National Forest’s DEIS and its proposal to close virtually ALL (over 800 miles) of the Forest’s single track motorcycle trails and ATV trails (see letter from Shasta County Board of Supervisors below). County officials have a key role in standing up for the public’s access rights.
Photo is of a volunteer with the Redding Dirt Riders enjoying an ATV trail that would be closed in the DEIS
* Aug 25, 2009 Shasta County BOS Letter to Shasta Trinity National Forest on TMR DEIS


Again, I believe that the Forest should withdraw the current DEIS and issue a supplemental DEIS that includes a “citizen’s recreation alternative.” That alternative could be the product of collaboration between users, local government, and the agency.
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