Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Join A Club" Video From The General - Jimmy Lewis Weighs in Too

This video message below from The General is not geared to those of you who are already members of BRC or some other land use organization. It is geared to the 98 percent of the approx. 43 million off-roaders in this country who are not members of ANY organization or club.


YouTube Video "Join A Club" Video from Don Amador

Dirt Rider Mag's, Jimmy Lewis, also has been banging the drums for a number of years regarding getting off-roaders to wake-up out of their dream-like state and get involved by joining a club --- see his post at:

I believe now more than ever that the future of our sport depends on getting the non-involved off-roader engaged in the battle.

Who are those non-involved riders? They are folks who think that “somebody else” will fight (and pay for) their battles for them or worse yet… they are the clueless riders who think that land-closures “won’t affect them.”

KTM and FMF have stepped up to the plate to help push up those membership numbers by declaring May as Protect Your Right To Ride Month. Also, BRC has a free 3 month trial membership promo going on right now.


KTM/FMF's May is Protect Your Right to Ride Month



BRC's 3 Month Free Ride Membership


It is my hope that the non-involved riders will wake-up and smell the campfire coffee. Who knows… the trail they save might just be the one they ride on.


  1. Don,

    I appreciate the work you are doing. I'll be adding BRC to my CFC contribution, joining, and passing the word around.


  2. Mike,

    Thanks! It's a team effort and we just need to get a larger team. With your help we will accomplish that goal...