Sunday, November 23, 2014

ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER - Passes Torch and Reaffirms our Destiny

Movie Review/Opinion
By Don Amador
Date: November 23, 2014

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ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER  - Passes Torch and Reaffirms our Destiny

As somebody who started out riding motorcycles in the 1960s on a push-rod Honda Trail 90, I may not be the best person to offer an unbiased review of On Any Sunday:The Next Chapter but I will try.

Don Amador (L), Kenny Roberts (C), and Jerry Fouts (R)

Last week, I attended the one time showing of the movie at The State Theatre, a 500-seat venue, in Modesto, California on behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), a national trail-based non-profit recreation group.  I want to give some major props to Jerry Fouts, the current president of AMA District 36, for organizing this event as a fundraiser for the BRC Legal Program to help support our collective effort to keep trails and riding areas open for OHV use.

Racing legend Kenny Roberts, theatre management, Jerry Fouts, local sponsors, and I welcomed motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts to the SOLD OUT event. Little did we know just how well the broad demographics of those attending Dana Brown’s sequel to his dad’s classic masterpiece would be mirrored in the movie.

The film focused on youth riders, family fun, and a new generation of professional competitors from various disciplines.  It also weaved in some inspirational stories of riders such as Doug Henry, Jake McCullough, and Ashley Fiolek.

Robbie Maddison and Travis Pastrana wowed the audience with their passion for the sport and their unbelievable motorcycle stunts which often left folks speechless and/or hanging on to their seat.

On an international basis, the show featured the current stars of MotoGP, medical staff using motorcycles to serve backcountry areas in Zambia, and busy commuters in Vietnam.

The Modesto event was partically rich because one of the On Any Sunday-era stars, Kenny Roberts, was at the theatre signing posters and visiting with the attendees.  That movie was shot 43 years ago by Dana’s father, Bruce Brown.

I felt the short interviews with motorcycle icons, Kenny Roberts, Mert Lawwill, and Roger DeCoster appropriately “passed the torch” to this newer generation of riders and professional athletes.

Star of Original On Any Sunday, Malcolm Smith (C) with
Ray Kidd (L) and Don Amador (R) at Sound Day at
Malcolm's Shop in Riverside

In my opinion, the most notable “update” in the film came when several riders talked about the loss of trails and riding areas over the last 40 years.  This segment only lasted for about a minute, but it is historic as this is the first acknowledgment (that I know of) by a major production company that “land-use” is now an important aspect of the sport.  Maybe it wasn’t an accident that this showing in Modesto was to benefit the legal fight to preserve riding opportunities for current and future generations.

As people streamed out of the theatre after the movie ended, I noticed a lot of smiles on young and old riders alike.  For those of us who are passionate about, and hard-wired for, motorcycles, the show was a personal reaffirmation that our sport is not a choice but our destiny.
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Don Amador is a contractor to the BlueRibbon Coalition and serves as their Western Representative.  Don is also president of Quiet Warrior Racing, a motorized recreation consulting company.  He writes on recreation and land-use issues from his office in Oakley, CA.  He may be reached at:


  1. What an awesome Event. Is it available on DVD? Send me a Personal Message on FB.
    Kay Lloyd, BRC Board Member

  2. A comment from a rider in the Pacific NW - Great commentary – thanks, Don.
    I wonder how soon this will come out on DVD.
    My grandkids absolutely love the original “On Any Sunday” DVD that I have.
    When I took them to a Beach Boys concert this past summer, they loved it!! Maybe there is some hope for the younger generation after all…..

  3. Super KUDOS to all involved, including the motorcycles in the lobby which INCLUDED the LAO Fundraiser KTM 300 XC that is up for grabs. As Don noted in his story, OAS 3 made mention of land use issues facing ALL of the OHV world, and this minute did make history. Thanks to Linda Fouts and her effort at the Raffle Bike table selling tickets as well as Auction Stuff to assist BRC in addition to the movie. Was good stuff too!
    It was great fun to hear the crowd ROAR every time King Kenny Roberts name was mentioned or his picture shown........ : :)
    Special thanks to ALL that purchased tickets for this very important land use donation effort. Without the support of the OHV community, it would not have been such a great success and fun time for all. Hey, even Jeepers were in the audience!
    No so anonymous Dave Pickett
    AMA District 36 Leg Action Office Dir...

    Don, as always, THANK YOU for your dedicated effort on behalf of OHV everywhere........
    Thank you Jerry Fouts for putting this together. Hard work is appreciated.

  4. The film will be available everywhere on February 17, 2015. Visit the website,, and follow Red Bull Media House Films on Facebook for all the latest information on On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter!

  5. Great article Don. You will see it in the next edition of the Access Army Times. Glad you are on our "Team!"