Friday, January 31, 2014

New Report Exposes Faux Outdoor and OHV Groups

Over the last few years, the Recreation HQ has highlighted a number of faux (i.e. fake/bogus) OHV groups that have been organized by large anti-OHV groups such as PEER, Trout Unlimited, and the Izaak Walton League.

The most infamous of those faux OHV groups are:

Trout Unlimited’s OHV Group – Sportsmen Ride Right


PEER’s OHV Group – Rangers for Responsible Recreation (yes it is PEER that files most of the anti-OHV lawsuits in the West)

Recently, the folks over at Green published a report on how major environmental groups have developed fake outdoor groups (including OHV) to help them carry out their agenda.  Many members of these faux outdoor groups are retired Forest Service, NPS, or BLM rangers who were anti-OHV during their career or if they had some inkling of support for managed OHV recreation then they sold out to the highest bidder.  I know some of them and it is very disappointing to me.   In fact, Jim Furnish on the PEER OHV group was the FS Mastermind behind the Clinton/Gore Roadless Plan.

Here is a link to the Green Decoy Report

HQ believes it is important to work with legitimate conservation and mainstream environmental groups.  However, having some environmental groups try and advance their agenda under the cloak of a fake outdoor or OHV group is a detriment to honest debate.

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