Monday, April 1, 2013

CA OHV Grant Comments Ends TODAY - Many Riding Areas Have NO Comments

The Recreation HQ wants to remind OHVers in CA to be sure and comment on OHV grants related to your favorite riding areas.   This is YOUR chance to get engaged with the OHV program in a substantive manner.    The public comment periods ends TODAY at end of business.


Many popular riding areas and related grant applicants have not received a SINGLE comment from the user community.  The following link will take you to the full list of OHV grant applicants for the 2012/2013 grant cycle.  You can’t complain about the legislature taking money from the program if you are not willing to send in a comment letter.   To date, very popular riding areas such as Chappie Shasta, Cow Mountain, and the Samoa Dunes have not gotten a single comment!  Please write your support letter today!

Link to OHV grant applicants who have or have not received public comments (those who have received public comment are noted in blue)


The Recreation HQ issued an alert about this earlier and it has links and instructions that will get you to the comment section for the preliminary OHV grants.  Send in your comments today and urge your rider network to do the same.   

Link to grant comment alert with instructions


Thanks for taking time to be engaged in the CA OHV program.

1 comment:

    2125 Forbes Ave
    EUREKA, CA 95503

    April 01, 2013
    Bureau of Land Management
    1695 Heindon Road
    Arcata, CA 95521
    Attn: Bruce R. Cann
    Dear Mr. Cann:
    On behalf of the members and Officers of the Lost Coast 4x4's club, I would like to request that the proposed Arcata Field Office O&M – 2013 off-highway vehicle (OHV) grant be funded for the Samoa OHV park maintenance, and enforcement.

    Our club consists of numerous family memberships. We are a group of 4-wheel drive owners that have formed this club to promote safe, fun and responsible outdoor recreation for the family. We promote the Tread Lightly program and educate our fellow four wheelers in proper off road skills and safety. We provide off road training with certified instructors, and the Samoa OHV area is our primary training area.

    The OHV areas at the Samoa and Eureka dunes provide a much needed form of recreation in our area. Many of our club members utilize these areas on a regular basis. As this is one of the few areas left in which we can enjoy our sport, and has been in use for many years, it is extremely important to us to keep this area open for OHV use.
    It is for these reasons that we support the maintenance and growth of this area.

    Thank you for your consideration in support of this grant.

    Carl C. Brandt
    President Lost Coast 4x4's
    2125 Forbes Ave
    Eureka, CA 95503