Friday, June 24, 2011

HQ Post Congressional Hearing Update with Video Links and Overview

Photos Shown During Amador's Oral Testimony on Big Screen in Hearing Chamber

The Recreation HQ knows that a lot of you have already viewed the video and reviewed testimony from the hearing on Recreational Opportunities held on June 22, 2011 by the House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands. A number of noted OHV and recreation panelists gave testimony and/or were questioned by committee members on the following topics; economic impacts of recreation, cost recovery, permitted events, volunteer programs, budget issues, management priorities, travel management, and Clear Creek.

HQ believes that this hearing was extremely important for the recreating public, Congress, and the agencies. It is well worth your time to view the entire video and review the testimony of various witnesses. The CCMA/Amador testimony starts at 1:04:50 and the CCMA (including some TMR questions) Q&A starts at 1:19:58.

Link to June 22, 2011 Subcommittee Hearing and Testimony and Video

Many of you know that my testimony was focused on Clear Creek and the efforts by the Hollister Field Office and EPA to continue to use junk science and personal agendas to create a defacto-Wilderness area and erase all evidence of OHV recreation that once existed on the unit.

HQ believes it was important that Congressman John Garamendi attended the hearing to represent the minority. As a former Deputy Secretary at the Department of Interior he is very aware of the Clear Creek issue. As you watch the Q and A you will hear him state that he supported the original emergency closure but was confident that the new science (IERF Report) and pressure from access interests would result in a formal hearing on Clear Creek.

Link to Amador’s Written Testimony

As part of my oral comments, I requested that the following exhibits be placed in the record.

Link to Amador’s Exhibits (21 pages)

For those of you who want to have YouTube links to just the CCMA testimony and Q&A, I have provided the clips below:

Amador Testimony on CCMA

Q&A on CCMA (and some TMR)

HQ believes that OHV recreation is coming of age and making history this year via efforts by pro-access legislators who are addressing trail specific issues such as TMR, permitted events, level 3 roads, and Clear Creek. Chairman Bishop and his committee members should be commended for their hard work on behalf of the recreating public.

HQ also wants to thank all those who have worked hard in the fight to reopen CCMA. Also, the OHV commission should be commended for having the foresight to ask OHMVRD to commission a study regarding potential health risks from NOA. HQ believes that determined riders combined with new science and interest from Congress will greatly increase the chance of CCMA being reopened (or designated open by Congress) for OHV recreation.

PS – I enjoyed the discourse with Chairman Bishop regarding how people from Utah and Humboldt County pronounce “creek.”

Your feedback, comments, AND support are welcome as always.

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